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Types of Sex Toys for Men

sex toys for menThe most commonly known male sex toy is the pocket pussy but there are actually 4 major categories of male sex toys. Sex toy manufacturers have thought long and hard from a man's perspective what they want, from the jock, to the rig pig to the office manager, bartender and even the college graduate, no matter the personality, there will be a male sex toy to suit. The following is a brief introduction to male sex toys to clarify the different types, ways to use them and how they feel.

1.) Masturbation Sleeves: The most basic sex toy, easiest to use and commonly the first bought. They are the cheapest which makes these masturbators a great choice for men wanting to experience with a sex toy for the first time. The price is so low, if you don't like the way it feels, just write it off as experience. These are usually made of a jelly or silicone that stretches. Are are supposed to add lubricant to make it glide. It's recommended to use it in the shower so that you don't make a mess because these are often short enough where your head will pop out of the open end. Sometimes that have a design like a vagina or flower, but make it known that as you use it, the material will stretch so much that you won't notice the detail.

2.) Closed-Ended Masturbators: These are always made of jelly and are very stretchy. They are designed to simulate the sucking feel of oral sex. They way they do this is that there are suction chambers inside and as you enter your penis, it releases the air and creates a small vacuum which in turn creates a sucking sensation on your head gradually moving up your shaft. You must use lube otherwise it will cause uncomfortable friction. The closed ended masturbators are not well known but are extremely well thought, catering to men's sexual needs. You should try one of these at some point in time.

3.) Full-Size Female Replica: The best sex toy for men is this large vagina and ass. usually molded from a porn star, they perfectly re-create a woman's shape and detail. They are made of a rubber or rubber silicone mix and look and feel very real. usually open on the end. A good way to use them is to lay it down on your bathroom counter, hold it down with both hands on each "cheek" and then thrust into it. This allows any escaped semen to fall into the sink and it won't make a mess. The detail on these is very obvious and the way it looks is just like real sex.

4.) Pocket Pussy: The most popular brand of male sex toy. Comes in 2 shapes, the tunnel or a rectangle It's up to personal preference which type is best, they are both good and offer different sensations. The rectangular ones tend to feel a bit more realistic because you can't feel your hand, but on the flip side, the tunnel style can be squeezed so you can make it as tight ad you want. Comes in all price ranges and detail, look for one made of Futurotic and Cyberskin, these are the most life like feeling sex toy materials.

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